Friday, March 22, 2013

Week #10 (3/17/13-3/23/13):

Well I'm still calling South Carolina my home until tomorrow morning. It has been an extremely busy week though. Frequently going out to eat, running on the beach, enjoying the hot tub at the pool, and relaxing really takes a toll on a man. Kidding aside, it has been an enjoyable time.

The past evening I had the opportunity to go to this tourist attraction/shopping area (shown above) called "Broadway on the Beach." It was basically a miniature lake surrounded by little shops, bars, and restaurants. It was fun and all, but one of the interesting things to me there was the feeding stations they had for the fish. Now, these fish were not ordinary. It seemed they were trained to look you in the eye and try to hypnotize you to give them food whenever you walked past. With their mouths agape, gasping for food, and large eyes, it was almost hard not to.

It was said that literally thousands of Israeli Carp, Catfish, Japanese Carp, Bream and Hybrid Bass were purchased to stock Lake Broadway, when the complex opened in 1995. Since then, they have multiplied to numbers unknown. the fish (as pictured to the left) absolutely pack the  tourist feeding areas in the water. I wonder about the developmental implications of this situation are. What is exactly going on here? Was it just that the fish do what they can to survive? It was rather interesting.

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